Say I Love You Without Red Roses

As January draws to a close and we enter what is perceived to be the month of Love, everyone’s eyes instantly glaze towards a bouquet of red roses.

Red is, without a doubt, the colour most associated with love and Valentines Day with partners choosing the perfect gift, or bouquet of flowers for their loved one. However as much as we love, and can appreciate, a red rose in all its beauty, you don’t just have to say I Love You with red roses.

The variety of flowers available, through all their unique shades and styles, empowers you to say I Love You in a much more thoughtful, elegant and yet still very romantic kind of way.

With this in mind, we have created 5 very unique bouquets that do not feature a single red rose. Each bouquet allows you to tell your own story when gifting it to your loved one and have been designed using very delicate and elegant flowers that still say ‘I Love You’.

We feel it is important to show Love in your own, unique way and that you should not be limited to the stigma of red roses on Valentines Day. Our bouquets are all very different from each other yet they still signify love, romance and passion, whilst giving you variety on how to say I Love You without red roses this Valentines Day.

Classic Love

Our ‘Classic Love’ bouquet depicts charm, class, and pure sophistication. The contrast of the subtle shades of pink roses, that symbolise pure admiration and attraction, against the green foliage will tell your recipient how much they mean to you in a much more elegant way than with red roses.

Crazy Love

‘Crazy Love’ speaks for itself. It is a more wild style bouquet which allows you to express your wild and crazy love that you have for your recipient. The contrast in colours and textures will show how your love is as authentic and everlasting as the flowers themselves.

Love Blue

‘Love Blue’, or better yet Love You, is the perfect bouquet and alternative to red roses. The deep and passionate colours depict pure desire, and show an infinite and unreachable type of love. The colour blue symbolises trust, loyalty and depth.

Love in a Jar

There is no better way to sum up how much somebody means to you than with our ‘Love in a Jar’ bouquet. The contrast of deep blues and purples against light pinks and whites shows the depth of your love in all its variety. Tulips stand for ‘The Perfect Love’, whilst pink tulips themselves symbolise pure attachment to somebody.

Love is Pretty

Our ‘Love is Pretty’ bouquet symbolises charm, attraction and radiance. The gentle, yet beautiful, Ranunculus flower is a way of showing somebody that you are mesmerised by them. In the language of flowers, a bouquet filled with beautiful Ranunculus says, “I am dazzled by your charm”.

We had the pleasure of working alongside Tia Talula for these wonderful pictures.

If you would like to purchase any of the bouquets featured in this blog please head over to where you will find our entire Valentines Day range.

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