Wedding flowers – where to start!

Size. Colour. Price. Season. So many things to consider for your dream wedding flowers!

I have been a florist for nearly 10 years, yet still every time I meet a new bride I am excited about which flowers she will want, and what new challenge I will get.

I always recommend bringing a mood board to our first meeting, just to help point me in the right direction. The best way to do this is to get “Wedding flowers & Accessories” magazine (click here to read the magazine). It’s a brilliant helper if you are lost or just want to get some new ideas.

I just LOVE the DIY section. You can add you own personalised wedding decoration. It’s all about the details:

DIY flowers

What about the Mood boards! I never imagined that peach and lilac would look so beautiful together:


But most of all I love the “Real Wedding” section. All the amazing ideas come together and you can see  the happiness in the loving couple’s faces. This is when you realise that all this hard work, those hundreds of e-mails, meetings and phone calls, those stressful days and nights, can make someone’s day so special:


The one thing I am missing lies in the “Flower Notebook”. I want to be inspired by different shaped bridal bouquets and tall table arrangements. Tear-drop or shower bouquets are coming back into fashion. Tall table arrangements – there are no limits! It’s not just martini vases – we want new challenges!