Florist’s wedding flowers

What flowers to choose for your wedding if you are florist yourself.

To be honest it was a big challenge for me to organize my wedding flowers. Now I understand the Brides who don’t know where to start.

So I decide to go for peach, green and white colours – it’s very fashionable right now and it’s perfect for the start of Autumn. I had lots of meetings with different florists. Poor people, they thought what a demanding bride!  After few quotes (some of them was unbelievable!) I decide to go with Fitodizainas. It’s Lithuanian florist based in Kaunas run by lovely lady Asta. She done an amazing job!

My preference was to have as many as possible organic, local grown flowers. At this time of the year Dahlia was a perfect choice. This flower is my new favourite 🙂 They are in so many different colours, shapes and sizes – I love it! Florist use 1300 blooms to create arrangements!  So have a look at my perfect wedding flowers:

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Sloane in Bloom 2011

It’s Chelsea flowers show  and along with that comes yearly florist competition “Sloane in Bloom”. This time it was “Oriental Chic” theme.

I was’t so imprest with this years competition, maybe cause I love more tradition – country style flower arrangements, but anyway let’s have a look what did the best London florists this time:

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My favourite was “Jo Malone” cherry tree arrangement, unfortunately it was fake flowers 😦

The winner of the 2011 show was “Tiffany&Co” :/ I thought it’s a  flower not stick show.